Adobe Certifications

Adobe Certifications


Computek is one of the largest and first Adobe Training centers in egypt with 20 years of experience delivering training and certifications in all Adobe technologies.All Adobe Training in computek are held by Adobe Certified Instructors ACI with over than 8 years experience in the technical and training field .

It can be difficult to get ahead in today's market. To stand out and be noticed. More than ever, you need a clear and focused way to tell the world about your expertise. The solution? Become Adobe Certified. Adobe certification is an industry standard of excellence, and it's the absolute best way to communicate your proficiency in leading products from Adobe.

 As an individual, an Adobe Certified credential allows you to:

Differentiate yourself from competitors
Get your résumé noticed
Attract and win new business
Gain recognition from your employer
Leverage the power of the Adobe brand

As a business, use the Adobe Certified credential as a benchmark so you can:

Find the right person for the job
Quickly assess candidate skill level
Invest in, and promote, your most promising employees

 Adobe Certification Programs

Adobe has two levels of certification: Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) and Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). Learn more about these certifications and identify when each one is right for you along your career path

 What is an ACA?








What is it?

An Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) credential certifies individuals have the entry-level skills to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications using different forms of digital media.

Over the past few years, Adobe has conducted research to identify the foundation digital communication skills students need to create effective communication using digital media tools. Adobe met with educators and design professionals and surveyed businesses and educational institutions around the world. The research resulted in objectives that cover entry-level skill expectations for web communication, rich media communication, and visual communication.

For what kind of job role is it suited?

An individual with the ACA is armed with the credentials to get summer internships, a first job out of school, or credit for college-level programs in design, web, or rich media.

Do I need work experience in order to succeed on an exam?

Use products casually or take a course series.





What is an ACE?










What is it?

Adobe Certified Expert is a professional-level certification aimed at industry professionals who have attained a deep level of mastery in using Adobe technology.

The Adobe Certified program was established to help professionals gain recognition for their Adobe product expertise. It is now recognized as an industry standard of excellence worldwide. Getting certified by Adobe is the best way to promote your proficiency in leading Adobe products.

An Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) is a person who has demonstrated a professional level in proficiency with one or more Adobe software products. To become an ACE, you must pass one or more product-specific proficiency exams and agree to the ACE terms and conditions.

For what kind of job role is it suited?

An individual with the ACE is a qualified professional in fields such as web design, digital media, or rich Internet application development

Do I need work experience in order to succeed on an exam?

Use the products as part of the daily job role, and typically have a minimum of two years’ experience.


Where can I take exams?

You can take the ACE exams at Computek Training Center which is Pearson VUE testing center.


How do I prepare for ACE if I already have the ACA?

Now that you’ve been an ACA, put your skills into practice. Here are some ways to determine whether you are ready to put your skills to the test:

1. Gain experience with daily use of the product.

2. Self-assess your skills against the ACE objectives within the Prep Guide.

3. If needed, find an intermediate-level course from an Adobe Authorized Training Center as Computek Training Center which have an Adobe Certified Instructor to improve the areas you’ve identified.

4. Take the ACE exam once you are prepared.

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