MCSA: Windows 10 Solutions Associate

MCSA: Windows 10 Solutions Associate
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The skills for your professional career
Prove you have the expertise to configure, manage, and maintain a Windows 10 enterprise system. 
Earning an MCSA: Windows 10 certification qualifies you for a position as a computer support specialist.
Course name
Installing and Configuring Windows 10
Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services
About this course
This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to install and configure Windows 10 desktops and devices in a Windows Server domain corporate environment. These skills include learning how to install and customize Windows 10 operating systems and apps, and configure local and remote network connectivity and storage. Students will also learn how to configure data security, device security, and network security, and maintain, update, and recover Windows 10.
Audience profile
This course is intended for IT professionals who administer and support Windows 10 desktops, devices, users, and associated network and security resources. This course is also intended to provide skills for Enterprise Desktop/Device Support Technicians (EDSTs) who provide Tier 2 support to users who run Windows 10 desktops and devices within a Windows domain environment in medium to large enterprise organizations.
At course completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:
Describe the important new features of Windows 10.
Install Windows 10.
Configure a device running Windows 10.
Configure network connectivity for a Windows 10 device.
Manage storage in Windows 10.
Manage files and printers.
Manage apps.
Manage data security.
Manage device security.
Implement Windows 10 features to improve network security.
Monitor and update Windows 10 devices.
Restore files, roll back drivers, and recover Windows 10 devices.
Course Outline
Module 1: Overview of Windows 10
Module 2: Installing Windows 10
Module 3: Configuring Your Device
Module 4: Configuring Network Connectivity
Module 5: Managing Storage
Module 6: Managing Files and Printers
Module 7: Managing Apps in Windows 10
Module 8: Managing Data Security
Module 9: Managing Device Security
Module 10: Managing Network Security
Module 11: Troubleshooting and Recovery
Module 12: Maintaining Windows 10
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