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Configuring Windows 8
Course name
Configuring Windows 8
Managing and Maintaining Windows 8
Course name
Managing and Maintaining Windows 8





Configuring Windows 8

Course Objectives:
Plan and perform the installation of Windows 8
Install Windows 8 on computers that are running an existing operating system
Configure disks, partitions, volumes, and device drivers in a Windows 8 system
Configure network connectivity
Install, configure, and maintain wireless network connections
Implement Windows 8 technologies to secure network connections
Share files and printers.
Implement tools and technologies that can help secure Windows 8 desktops.
Configure and control applications in Windows 8.
Optimize and maintain Windows 8 based computers.
Configure mobile computer settings and to enable remote access.
Create and configure virtual machines in Hyper-V for Windows 8.
Determine how to recover Windows 8 from various failures
Course Modules:
Module 1: Installing Windows 8
Module 2: Upgrading and Migrating to Windows 8
Module 3: Managing Disks and Device Drivers
Module 4: Configuring and Troubleshooting Network Connections
Module 5: Implementing Wireless Network Connections
Module 6: Implementing Network Security
Module 7: Configuring File Access and Printers on Windows 8 Clients
Module 8: Securing Windows 8 Desktops
Module 9: Configuring Applications
Module 10: Optimizing and Maintaining Windows 8 Client Computers
Module 11: Configuring Mobile Computing and Remote Access
Module 12: Implementing Hyper-V
Module 13: Troubleshooting and Recovering Windows 8
Module 14: Using Windows PowerShell

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 Managing and Maintaining Windows 8

About this Course

In this course, students learn how to plan and implement the installation, management, and maintenance of Windows 8. Course participants develop their knowledge and skills in Windows 8 installation methods, local and remote management using bundled tools, policy and Windows PowerShell, networking, user authentication and access control, endpoint protection, encryption, profiles and settings, file and print resources, Windows Store apps and desktop apps, and mobile device management with Windows Intune

Audience Profile

This course is intended for IT Professionals who administer and support Windows client operating systems and who want to acquire the skills necessary to manage, maintain, and support Windows 8 users, devices, applications, and cloud services in a domain environment. This audience includes desktop support technicians, consultants, and IT generalists who have hands-on experience with prior Windows client operating systems, basic configuration skills for Windows 8, and basic familiarity with related Windows Server network services in a domain environment. This course is also appropriate for candidates preparing for Microsoft Exam 70-688, Managing and Maintaining Windows 8.

Course Objectives:

Plan, select, and implement appropriate methods for managing Windows 8.
Manage user authentication and intranet connectivity for Windows 8.
Configure cloud services and deploy Windows Intune.
Implement encryption and endpoint security.
Plan a recovery solution for Windows 8
Course Modules:
 Module 1: Planning and Implementing Management of Windows 8
Module 2: Designing and Implementing an Installation Strategy
Module 3: Planning and Implementing Authentication for Windows 8
Module 4: Planning, Implementing IP Addressing, and Intranet Connectivity
Module 5: Implementing an Application Strategy for Windows 8
Module 6: Planning and Implementing a Solution for User Settings
Module 7: Configuring Cloud Services
Module 8: Implementing Windows Intune
Module 9: Managing Computers by Using Windows Intune
Module 10: Planning and Implementing Access to File and Print Resources
Module 11: Planning and Implementing Encryption for Windows 8
Module 12: Designing and Implementing Endpoint Security for Windows 8
Module 13: Designing and Implementing Extranet Connectivity
Module 14: Planning and Implementing a Recovery Solution



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