SolidWorks 2014 training

SolidWorks 2014 training

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SolidWorks 3D design software helps teams around the world bring their ideas to life. It is easy to learn and use, letting you concentrate on your designs not your CAD software.
Provides a thorough grounding in SolidWorks for beginners, teaching everything you need to know to build parametric models of parts and assemblies. This course is ideal for newcomers to SolidWorks, and users familiar with a different 3D modelling tool looking to migrate to SolidWorks.SolidWorks 3D design software helps teams around the world bring their ideas to life. It is easy to learn and use, letting you concentrate on your designs, not your CAD software. SolidWorks Essentials training provides a thorough grounding in SolidWorks for beginners. On completion, you will be able to use SolidWorks to build parametric models of parts and assemblies.

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This course teaches the basic principles of 3D part and assembly modelling. The topics covered include:
Shelling and ribs.
Editing existing models
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New comers to SolidWorks and users familiar with a different 3D modelling tool who are looking to migrate to SolidWorks.
Experience working with a 2D CAD tool is not required. Some past mechanical design experience is useful but not essential.
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30 Hours ( Public Schedule : 3 days / week , 3 Hours / session )

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SolidWorks basics and the user
What is the SolidWorks software?
Design intent
File references
Opening files
The SolidWorks user interface
Using the Command Manager
Introduction to sketching
2D sketching
Stages in the process
What are we going to sketch?
Sketching and sketch entities
Basic sketching
Rules that govern sketches
Design intent
Sketch relations
Sketching guidelines
Basic part modelling
Basic modelling
Choosing the best profile
Choosing the sketch plane
Details of the part
Boss feature
Sketching on a planar face
Cut feature
Using the hole wizard
View options
Editing tools
Detailing basics
Drawing views
Centre marks
Changing parameters
Modelling a casting or forging
Case study: Ratchet
Design intent
Boss feature with draft
Symmetry in the sketch
Sketching inside the model
View options
Using model edges in a sketch
Creating trimmed sketch geometry
Why use patterns?
Reference geometry
Linear, circular and mirror patterns
Using pattern seed only
Sketch driven patterns
Revolved features
Case study: Hand wheel
Design intent
Revolved features
Building the rim
Building the spoke
Edit material
Mass properties
File properties
SolidWorks SimulationXpress
Using SolidWorks SimulationXpress
The SimulationXpress interface
Shelling and ribs
Shelling and ribs
Analysing and adding draft
Other options for draft
Full round fillets
Thin features
Editing: Repairs
Part editing
Editing topics
Sketch issues
Freezing features
FilletXpert and DraftXpert
Editing: Design changes
Part editing
Design changes
Information from a model
Rebuilding tools
Sketch contours
Creating configurations
Using configure dimension/feature
Using global variables, equations
Global variables
Modelling strategies for configurations
Editing parts that have configurations
Design library
In the advanced course
Using drawings
More about making drawings
Section, model, broken and detail views
Drawing sheets and sheet formats
Projected views
Bottom-Up assembly modelling
Case Study: Universal joint
Bottom-up assembly
Creating a new assembly
Position of the first component
Feature Manager design tree and symbols
Adding components
Using part configurations in assemblies
Smart mates
Inserting subassemblies
Pack and go
Using assemblies
Using assemblies
Analysing the assembly
Checking for clearances
Changing the values of dimensions
Exploded assemblies
Explode line sketch
Bill of materials
Assembly drawings
Options settings
Document templates
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