CLS Company Profile overview

CLS Company Profile overview
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Computek Learning Solutions is one of the first and largest provider of Training Computek Learning Solutions is an affiliated company of Omega integrated Systems that was established in 1995 .Recently Computek Learning Solutions was acquired by CLS Learning Solutions in 2013 to Continue serving the Market in Training and Consulting Services through CLS Learning Solutions and Provide Superior Training Services with Internationally recognized Quality .

Computek Learning Solutions is one of the specialized training companies in the field of information technology, human resource development and languages. Since its establishment, Computek Learning Solutions continuously develop its training methods in order to help its trainees reach high level of proficiency to be capable of competing in the regional and international job markets.

To execute such strategy, Computek Learning Solutions is one of the leading companies in the field of training regionally, and internationally accredited from Microsoft, Oracle, EC Council, Adobe, Autodesk, ITIL, VUE, and Prometric. Throughout these partners, Computek Learning Solutions provides specialized training programs which are certified from such international companies.

We are specialist in (Networking & IT – security- operating Systems - Programming and Developing – Database - Adobe Designing for Advertising or marketing  - Engineering Programs- Autodesk –Project Management and Business) Training.

Computek Learning Solutions has over 22 years of experience in the delivery of the above training fields since 1995.


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Our Mission 
Our daily mission is to deliver education Excellence and support clients with providing professional Training solutions . 

Our Vision 

image 1 4 copyCLS help and support the Egyptian market, cooperate, individuals and universities to Learn various technology products and acquire new potentials and advance in their career.
CLS invests continuously to expand its Training Services via obtaining new Authorizations from international vendors; Hence provide Egyptian market the opportunity to optimally benefit from all Technology solutions.

image 1 10CLS Strength Points 
CLS has over 22 years of experience delivering computer training to the Egyptian market field and Computek implement a strong growth plan which makes us a reliable and trust worthy  training organization in the market .
CLS acquire a great market share in Egypt due to our working experience and great reputation which allow us to expand and penetrate more in the market whether for individuals , companies , governmental organizations and Universities .

CLS Awards  


MIcrosoft CPLS Gold learning logoCLS has achieved a milestone in number of Microsoft trainings achieved in Y14-15-16 and upgraded from silver to Gold Learning Solution (Gold CPLS) Accreditation  
CLS is the best Microsoft Trainings seller for year 2015 and 2016 in Egypt with 1720 Trainings record achieved per year.

ec-council circle of excellence logo - CopyCLS has achieved a new Excellence Award from EC-Council Y15 and Y16:
Circle of Excellence Award (Middle East and North Africa) 

CLS experience & Success stories


ITIDA 2015
Computek Trained 150 Trainee on Networking track including CCNA and MCSE Windows server Certifications and helped in Recruiting 70% of the trainers in IT Organizations
MCIT E-Marketing and Graphics Scholarship 2014
MCIT tender to train 90 fresh graduates on various tracks:
Graphics Design, Animation and Video Production Track
Civil Engineering Track
E-Marketing Track
MCIT Security Scholarship 2014
Network and security training program under Ministry of Communication and Information MCIT tender to train 45 fresh graduates on Microsoft and EC-Council certifications.
MCIT Dynamics Scholarship 2014
Microsoft Axapta AX Development training program under MCIT tender to train 17 participants on Microsoft certifications
MCIT Scholarship 2013-2014
MCIT tender to train 195 fresh graduates on various tracks:
Web application Development
Database administration and development
E-Commerce and E-Marketing
Network Infrastructure and security 
MCIT Scholarship 2010-2011
MCIT tender to train 84 fresh graduates on various tracks:
Web application Development
Database administration and development
Object Oriented Development Track
Network Infrastructure and security 
Bank Misr Training Program 2010
Computek Training Centers is continually delivering Training to Bank Misr employees over different locations around Egypt, Computek has already trained over 1100 employee on Microsoft Products and program.
CLS Centers : Our facilities 
As professional training centers that are providing highly equipped training labs, Computek has over (30 classrooms) with capacity range from 12 – 22 trainees serve the main important location in Cairo.
First branch located in Giza (Dokki branch)
Second branch located in Cairo (Nasr City Branch)
All Labs are designed with the best technology, fastest and most advanced PCs
All location includes a reception area, break area, storeroom, administration and management offices.


CLS Labs :





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